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daisy cars
daisy cars
daisy cars

Imagine a day with Classic wines, Classic cars, Boutique wineries, stunning scenery and outstanding food. Then spend a day with us, Daisy's Vintage and Classic Cars.

Daisy Vintage & Classic Car Wedding
A beautiful wedding using Daisy Vintage & Classic Car's in Clare Valley, South Australia
Weddingcars on a scenic route
A weddingcar on a Clare Valley scenic drive.
Classic Daimler wedding car at photo shoot
Wedding photographers can ask a lot of the weddingcar. Here the bride and groom are dropped up a vineyard track for a distance shot. The wedding car then continues up the damp track hoping to find a place to turn around and return. Fortunately there was hard ground and room for 2 tonnes of Classic Daimler to turn. a great shot for the couple though!
weddingcars Sevenhill
weddingcars arriving at Saint Aloyosius Church, Sevenhill, Clare Valley
Rolls Royce wedding car, Sevenhill, Clare Valley
Our Rolls Royce wedding car arriving at St Aloyisus Church, Sevenhill with the bride.
One of many beautiful brides arriving
All brides look beautiful and radiant on their day. Another beautiful bride stepping out of Choco, our Rolls Royce weddingcar at St Aloyisus, Sevenhill.
Bridal party and our wedding cars at scenic photo shoot
There are many outstanding photo locations around the Clare Valley. This quiet back road is one.
Weddingcar at The Heritage Gardens
The Daimler Majestic Major at The Heritage Gardens.
Clare Valley wedding shoots
What more needs to be said about this outstanding scene?
The Bridesmaids arriving
Wedding car with the Bridesmaids.
Daimler weddingcar on a rough track
turning at the top of this track was a challenge.
The Daimler wedding car and the happy couple
The weddingcar isn't meant to take centre stage but it can't overshadow this happy couple.
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